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What is CEKAS


CEKAS is abbreviation for the Centre for Quality and Standards in Social Services. This centre is a part of National Training Fund.

Why we have established CEKAS?

Project "Playing with Stories"


Project "Playing with Stories" – a new method to involve the child in decision-making processes

Basic information about project

Professional voluntary work with children and families at risk in the Czech Republic


Basic information about project

The project ”Street Work for Children and Youth”

Support of Social Work with At-Risk Children and Youth at the Area of Prevention of Pathological Phenomena Focussed on Clients' Work-Skills Training /Social Entrepreneurship/ and Mobile Social Work in Excluded and Remote Areas

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Government of the Czech Republic - Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination

For the information about drug policy coordination in the Czech Republic and relevant documents see webpages of Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination.


Documents about Standards and Quality in Social Services in the Czech Republic

Social Services Act No. 108/2006


Standards for Quality in Social Services, 2002


Ministry of Labour and Social Affair of the Czech Republic

Project "Good practice in the field of quality of services for drug users"

Basic information about the project "Good practice in the field of quality of services for drug users"


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